I worked with the team at Nat Geo Weekend Radio as the Assistant Editor, sliming down raw interviews to spice up the story and intrigue the audience. Take a listen to some of the most inspiring ones below: 

Sean Brock- Chef, Husk Restaurant

Sean Brock grew up in rural southwestern Virginia, learning the secrets of that region's food culture. Since leaving his corner of that state, he has parlayed his love of southern cuisine into a career: the James Beard Award winning head chef also now has a cookbook out, Heritage. Part cookbook, part memoir, Brock explains the secrets of southern comfort food. He and Boyd discuss cornbread ("Cornbread is like a religion in the South. Everyone has their own way of worshipping it."); cast iron skillets ("Cast iron pans are things that are passed on from generation to generation in the South."); and the divisive properties of okra ("One thing that freaks people out about okra is the texture... I embrace the slime, I love it.").

Conrad Anker- World Renowned Climber, Explorer, Adventurer- North Face Climbing Team

High altitude mountain climbers are a peculiar breed of human, and Conrad Anker definitely fits the description. His love of spending time in freezing temperatures at thinly oxygenated altitudes leaves Anker concluding that “deep down, there’s some part of me that has some satisfaction in suffering and hardship and maybe I’m not quite balanced,” but he tells Boyd that he would much rather spend 20 days on Everest than visit his local shopping mall in the days before Christmas. The famed mountaineer also explains how he doesn’t plan to stop climbing as he gets older, but his achievements may become less extreme: “If I can climb 5 or 6 (thousand meter peaks) into my 80’s and 90’s, I’ll be totally psyched.” 

Fabien Cousteau- Ocean Explorer, Filmmaker- National Geographic

Following in the footsteps of his famous grandfather Jacques, Fabien Cousteau has devoted his life to search in the deep and advocate for the creatures that live underwater in the silent world. Recently, Fabien completed Mission 31, living for 31 days in a habitat studying the mysteries of hidden reefs. While he didn't see any of forgotten mermaids or sunken treasure, he did watch an endangered goliath grouper make quick work of a barracuda. He also spent up to 10 hours each day out in the water planet so he could come back up to firm land and share the cries of the deep that he heard while he was in the lagoon of lost ships.

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