Just Do It, It Doesn't Need To Be Perfect / by Sara Snyder

Photo by: Good Food Jobs

Nike may have been on to something when they suggested to "Just Do It". As one of the most powerful marketing campaigns over the last decade, these three little words magically transform a should-do goal into a can-do action. 

Beyond the obvious practicalities (also known as excuses) associated with getting something done, I'm often paralyzed by my insensate need for perfection. I'd rather figure out how to do something right the first time than iterate and edit over and over. But as a creative person, this is completely unproductive.

Right now I'm in the process of retraining my brain to finish a project and then work to make it better. 

The tech field has been an amazing tool for inspiration. Built into David Liddle's explanation on progressive technological developments, (the enthusiast phase, the professional phase, and the consumer phase) he makes the case for designing and improving technology with smart design throughout each phase as more and more people gain access. 

As I continue to develop multiple stories and projects, I want to dig into one topic and keep moving through the space finding new ways to pivot and make connections. Making a mind map like the one below has been an awesome tool to get the craziness out of my head, down on paper and transformed into a topic worth working through. 

Perfection is impossible and unsatisfying. Take this as my commitment to actually getting something done and no longer being halted by an unachievable attribute of creative genius.