Soybeans, Soybeans, Everywhere... / by Sara Snyder

Photos by: Sara Snyder (All Rights Reserved)

I'm working on being more transparent in my creative process. I often struggle committing to an idea and following it. Take this project: I was going to do a rap (too inspired by Hamilton), make motivational posters, take a thumbprint of the soybean, then do a photo categorization, etc, etc.   

Maybe by putting this in public, I'll learn to hammer my ideas home more fully. I get a thrill from experimenting and love that the simple assignment to create a brief history of the soybean, turned into an epically failed photography project. Sure, I think the photos are beautiful but WTF do they mean? But now that I'm seeing them in a collection, maybe they work better than I thought? Would love to hear what you have to say in the comments below. 

And drumroll for the actual project....


I love finding smart technology to enable folks without web skills to complete their creative visions. Thinglink lets you add interactive elements to an image. I curated my compilation in Adobe Illustrator then uploaded it into the tool to add the text. 

A few details to consider: 

  • The chronology of the soybean history begins on the right to indicate the influence of Asian culture on the crop.
  • The media typically refers to the soybean as humble. The title of this piece is an ode to the disastrous messaging surrounding a complex crop. 
  •  The graphics used in the image above are royalty-free, but do not belong to me.