The Face of Climate Change / by Sara Snyder

The news surrounding our rapidly changing climate is dismal regarding our food system. Our most popular and favorite foods are disappearing and in need of repositioning to another climate zone in order to survive. If you are anything like me, the mere thought of life without wine and coffee is outrageously disappointing. 

The angry little man (above left) gives a face to our favorite foods that won't be around much longer if we continue on this hot trend. Potatoes make up the skin, grapes for eyes, almonds for eyebrows, peanuts as hair, chocolate for ears, banana for nose, a coffee mustache and an apple frown. 

But by diversifying our diet and using crops we have now that are climate friendly, we will be able to eat delicious things for decades to come.

This happy little man (above right) knows we can eat within our needs based on crops that exist and we consume right now.  He is made of a sweet potato skin, rosemary hair, eggplant smile, artichoke eyes, squash nose and pomegranate ears.

Adaptation can start with us. Let's focus our investments and knowledge on growing crops that take little water and love the sun.