Simple Innovations Revolutionize Farming in Zanzibar- Planet Forward

ZANZIBAR, Tanzania – Zanzibar is a small island about 20 miles off the Tanzanian mainland in East Africa. Nestled in the Indian Ocean, this semi-autonomous tropical nation, known as “Spice Island” is home to close to a million inhabitants. Though the African and Arab hybrid population relies heavily on the fishing industry, over 75% of Zanzibari’s are sustenance farmers. 

The subsistence farmers on this small island labor mostly to feed themselves. Tomatoes, peppers and okra are the main cash crops for over 200 members of a Zanzibari farming association called Umwamwema, who have been working to increase their food security and income through enhanced productivity. Many farmers face various challenges in producing profitable crops, specifically knowledge about pesticides and diseases and accessing fresh water for irrigation. Through educational workshops complete with valuable agricultural information these farmers are aiming to become self-sufficient. 

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